InfraGuide: Focused IR Welding for Clean Plastic Parts

Close up of an InfraGuide IR welding tool

Are you frustrated with the shortcomings of traditional IR welding? Let us introduce you to InfraGuide, the infrared welding technology for people who don't like IR welding.

In this interactive webinar, you'll learn why manufacturers who wrote off IR welding are switching to InfraGuide. Of course, like all of Extol's webinars, you'll get to engage and ask questions all along the way.

Register now and come prepared for a fun and engaging session that will change how you make your plastic assemblies.

InfraGuide is unlike other infrared (IR) welding technologies. The process uses focused, evenly-distributed IR energy to make clean, particulate-free plastic welded assemblies. 

In this webinar, we discuss: 

  • How InfraGuide works 
  • Why InfraGuide is better than other IR welding technologies
  • Why manufacturers who have written off IR welding technologies are choosing InfraGuide 
  • What materials work best with InfraGuide 
  • Your questions about InfraGuide

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