3D Printing for Automation and the Factory Floor

3D Printed Nesting Blocks

Forward-thinking machine builders are using additive manufacturing to give them a competitive advantage. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use 3D printing to propel your automation forward.

We'll guide you through the journey of adoption, highlighting where the value lies and the keys to success. You’ll get a clear overview of 3D printing technologies, including the workings of HP Multi-Jet Fusion technology. We’ll also explore use cases in automation and industrial applications. Don't miss out on this illuminating and interactive session.


  • Additive Manufacturing Adoption Journey within Automation
    • Where is the value found?
    • Keys to Success
  • Overview of 3D printing technologies and how to select the right one
  • How HP Multi-Jet Fusion technology works
  • Use Cases for Automation and Industrial Applications
    • Soft Touch Fixtures and EOAT Grippers
    • Alternative to 3D CNC and poured fixtures
    • Design Freedom for complicated details
    • Parts for machine debug
  • How to Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Detail Modifications at Machine Assembly
  • Costs of typical 3D Printing packages

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